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How to complete Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 6 Hide and Seek challenges

Published: 13/Nov/2019 19:35

by Albert Petrosyan


The Hide and Seek challenges have been released in Fortnite Battle Royale, and we’ve got a comprehensive guide on how to complete them all.

Wednesday, November 13 marked the start of the sixth week in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1, and with it came a brand new set of challenges called Hide and Seek, confirming the leaks that had surfaced a week prior.

There are 11 challenges in total, but players need to only complete eight to unlock this week’s reward item – a brand new loading screen. However, you can always try and complete all 11 in order to get more XP that will help level up your Battle Pass.



  • Land at Frenzy Farms, Slurpy Swamp, Sweaty Sands (0/3)
  • Harvest 500 wood, 400 stone, 300 metal (0/3)
  • Eliminations at Frenzy Farms or Sweaty Sands (0/3)
  • Search chests at Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake (0/7)
  • Consume foraged items (0/10)
  • Deal damage to opponents with a pickaxe (0/100)
  • Hit 5 consecutive weak spots while harvesting (0/1)
  • Hit headshots (0/10)
  • Visit landmarks in a single match (0/5)
  • Eliminations in different matches (0/5)
  • Search the hidden “I” found in the Hide and Seek screen (0/1)

Most of these objectives are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, and some can even be completed together, such as the ones that require you to land at a certain location, and also get eliminations there.

For example, you can land at Frenzy Farms and get three eliminations there while hitting several headshots, giving you progress towards four different challenges (#1, 3, 8, and 10).

You could even throw in a couple of swings with your pickaxe, and deal damage to enemies to help with the sixth challenge as well.

Epic Games

That said, there are a few objectives that would be a lot easier to complete with some beforehand knowledge, such as exact chest locations in Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake, where to find Landmarks, and more.


You can find some helpful info about these challenges below, along with any maps and/or visuals that will help you check them off faster.

Search 7 chests at Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake

This one’s pretty straightforward in terms of what needs to be done, but because 100% of regular chests now spawn in Chapter 2, we can know exactly where every single one is located on the map.

There are 18 chests at Pleasant Park and 24 at Lazy Lake, so you probably stand a better chance at completing this challenge all in one go if you land at the latter.

Here are the chest location maps for both Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake, courtesy of Fortnite content creator @Crash7_.


@Crash7_Chest location map for Pleasant Park
@Crash7_Chest location map for Lazy Lake

Consume 10 Foraged Items

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, foraged items in Fortnite are basically any food located on the map that can be consumed for some sort of effect. In Chapter 2, the pool of these items has been limited down to just mushrooms.

The best places to look for mushrooms on the new map are the jungle and swamp areas, so Slurpy Swamp and Weeping Woods would be good places to start. Keep in mind that you can only consume mushrooms if you have space to increase your shield, so don’t start looking for them with already a maxed out shield bar.


Visit 5 Landmarks in a single match

Landmarks are basically anything on the map that aren’t part of the regular terrain, such as campsites, outposts, monuments, and even stuff from Chapter 1.

While five may seem like a lot to have to visit in a single match, there are so many of them throughout the map that they’re actually pretty easy to get to in quick succession.

In total, there are approximately 30 Landmarks, and a good place to find several of them close together is the snowy mountain range on the bottom right corner of the map, just south of Retail Row, and landing there should make it easiest to visit five as quickly as possible.


Inverse / Epic GamesLocations for many Landmarks on Fortnite Chapter 2 map.

Search the hidden “I” found in the Hide and Seek Loading Screen

Funnily enough, this is the only challenge in this week’s list that technically can’t be completed until the loading screen is unlocked, which means eight other objectives have to be met first.

We’ve taken the liberty of assembling an in-depth guide for you on how to find this hidden ‘I’ once you do complete those eight other challenges, if you don’t want to attempt this all on your own.