How to complete all four Part 1 challenges of Fortnitemares event in Fortnite

by Wyatt Donigan


Fortnitemares 2018 is finally here and has brought a new set of challenges to complete in order to unlock new items.


After being teased for four days leading up to the event’s start on October 24, Fortnitemares has completely changed Fortnite with the inclusion of Cube Monsters and new weapons.

As everyone gets acclimated to the new style of play, a new set of challenges are available as part of the special, Halloween-themed event.


The challenges are as follows:

  • Destroy Cube Monsters
  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters
  • Visit a Corrupted Area in Different Matches
  • Dance in front of Different Gargoyles

Destroy Cube Monsters

Added to the game with the V6.2 update, Cube Monstera are AI enemies that appear at Large Cube Fragments located near the Corrupted Areas around the map. They will also appear around Small Cube Fragments that randomly spawn on the map during any given match.

Killing 200 of these might sound like a tall task, but they don’t have much health and will die pretty easily. Simply drop near the Corrupted Areas on the map if you want to complete this one quickly.


Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters

While you’re trying to complete the first challenge of defeating Cube Monsters, you should make sure that you have an Assault Rifle so that you can kill two birds with one stone. Each Cube Monster will slowly lumber towards you, making it easy to quickly mow them all down and rack up the damage. 

Visit a Corrupted Area in Different Matches

Speaking of those Corrupted Areas, you’ll need to land at all seven of these to complete this challenge. Since you’ve got to go there for the previous two challenges anyways, completing this one shouldn’t take too long. Be on the lookout for human opponents, though, since these will certainly be hot drops as players fight to finish up their challenges as quickly as possible.

You can find the locations of all seven Corrupted Areas below: 


Dance in front of Different Gargoyles

In addition to the other changes that came with the V6.2 update, gargoyles have been added to various parts of the map. You’ll need to dance in front of five of them in order to complete this challenge.

You can find our in-depth guide for this challenge, which includes all known gargoyle locations, here.