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How Iron Man is upgrading the Fortnite Battle Bus in Season 4

Published: 25/Sep/2020 7:43

by Brad Norton


Fortnite’s Marvel themed Season 4 is only a few weeks in, but the ongoing storyline continues to evolve as new leaks have revealed Tony Stark’s next move – one that involves the iconic Battle Bus.

Since Fortnite’s release in 2017, the bus has been a staple of the battle royale experience. It’s how every match begins and it’s how every player drops into the map. Other games have pivoted to planes, individual drop pods, and plenty of other ideas. All the while, Fortnite’s Battle Bus has remained constant.

Other than adding the option to thank the bus driver, there haven’t been many changes to the classic feature. Occasionally it’ll get a new coat for paint for special occasions, but that’s about it. However, the Battle Bus could soon be in for its biggest overhaul to date, if new leaks hold true.


Tony Stark has his sights set on changing the Fortnite bus in the weeks to come. Here’s how the Marvel figure is looking to upgrade it.

An “Upgraded Battle Bus” is what slipped through the cracks in the last Fortnite update on Sep. 23. Thanks to prominent dataminers ‘iFireMonkey’ and ‘HYPEX,’ we’re able to see just what this upgraded version looks and sounds like.

A new version of the bus texture features a bunch of added cabling all around. From wires along the sides to containers and miscellaneous tech on the roof, something big is in the works. It’s worth noting that this version on display was merely labeled “BusUpgrade1,” meaning that future upgrades could be on the way too.


Leaked audio files make the bus sound a lot quieter than usual after takeoff. Perhaps it’s running on Stark’s Arc Reactor power source, paving the way for improvements?

There’s no telling just when the upgrades might go through, though Stark is already tinkering away in-game from the looks of it.

“The Battle Bus can now be found inside the workshop at Stark Industries,” Reddit user ‘updoggggggg’ shared on September 24.

The Battle Bus can now be found inside the workshop at Stark Industries! from FortNiteBR

Barely at the halfway point of the season, there’s still plenty of time for changes to come through. There’s a chance it may even be upgrading the bus for a future off-planet battle tied into the Season 4 narrative. We’ll have to wait and see.