How does the Fortnite Treasure Map work? Buried Treasure guide

by Marcus Banks
Epic Games | Jeebster/YouTube


The first patch of Season 8 has arrived and an intriguing new Buried Treasure item has made it’s way to Fortnite Battle Royale.


Patch 8.01 brought a variety of changes including a long-awaited change to the infantry rifle spawn rate as well as the vaulting of bottle rockets.

Also included in the patch notes was the addition of the new legendary item - a 'Buried Treasure' map.

Epic Games
Epic Games
The buried treasure map can be used to find legendary items for you and your team-mates


Here is all the information you need to know about the latest arrival to Fortnite.

Where can I find a Buried Treasure map?

You'll have to be lucky enough to find the Buried Treasure item itself before you can even consider using it to find some treasure.

Unfortunately, only one map can be held at a time, but, the item will be available from both floor loot and chests.


How does the Buried Treasure map work?

The buried treasure map is used to track down buried chests on the map which contain legendary loot.

Opening the map will provide players with a route to follow to find the ‘X’. A large golden beacon will light up the sky to help you find your way. 


After finding the hidden booty, you will need to use your pickaxe to dig up your reward.

The chest will contain a variety of legendary items, similar to a supply drop, as well as some materials to help boost your chances of securing a Victory Royale.

Epic Games
Epic Games
The Buried Treasure item is one of the most exciting additions of Season 8 so far.


You can check out a full breakdown of all the new changes in the v8.01 patch notes.

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