Hilarity Ensues When Nick28T Attempts to Revive Teammate During KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite Tournament

. Last updated: May 17, 2022


Nicholas ‘Nick28T’ Kahwaji is well known for his FIFA gameplay, but recently he has been expanding into the realm of Fortnite and during week 5 of KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite Tournament he made an epic blunder on stream.

With his teammate knocked and nearing death, Nick attempted to revive him only to find out he was reviving the wrong person.

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There is no good time to make a fatal error, but perhaps, the worse time for such a mistake is when you are facing elimination in the losers bracket of a $20,000 tournament.

The weekly Friday Fortnite Tournament features a wide variety of popular steamers and professional gamers.

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In his week five matchup, Nick28T, and his partner Craig ‘NepentheZ’ Douglas found themselves fighting for their tournament lives against iRunYew and AgholorTV after losing a first-round match to OpTic Gaming’s Baldy and Drama.

Nick and NepentheZ risked it all by dropping Tilted Towers in search of a high kill game that could have secured their advancement in the losers bracket.

With both opponents downed or dead, the duo had an opportunity to slay out, but Nick failed to revive his teammate in what can best be described as a momentary lack of awareness.

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The two FIFA streamers would fall short, losing the matchup and being eliminated from the event.

They will look to bounce back in their run next week as they try and make it out of the first round.

You can catch all the Friday Fortnite Tournament action at the UMGEvents Twitch channel.