Hilarious glitch ruins OpTic MaNiaC’s view of Fortnite’s Marshmello concert

by Vincent Genova
Screenshot from Epic Games


Marshmello performed a digital concert in Fortnite that awed the gaming community, but OpTic MaNiaC was left out.


MaNiaC did not forget or have a power outage or any kind of hardware malfunction, instead he suffered a hilarious glitch during the concert that gave him a poor view of the activities.

The Marshmello concert sent viewers bouncing around Pleasant Park at times by turning off the gravity, allowing them to float around to Alone and other hits from the DJ.


Unfortunately for MaNiaC, the gravity being shut off glitched out for him and he rocketed into the sky, far away from Marshmello.

His glider kept deploying as well, leaving MaNiaC to experience the history-making concert from an unexpectedly high point of view.

The music faded out as it was directional audio from the stage, leaving MaNiaC to float around the sky in silence.


If you missed the Fortnite Marshmello concert yourself, or you were floating helplessly in the air like OpTic MaNiaC, you can watch the entire event online.

You can also pick up a Marshmello skin for your character, though Dr Disrespect is upset the DJ got a skin before Fortnite legends Ninja and Tfue.