Hilarious Fortnite Clip Shows What Happens When the Thanos Skin Does Not Load Properly

by Albert Petrosyan


As per usual, Fortnite: Battle Royale has been at the center of discussion within the online gaming community over the past few days.

Virtually everyone has been playing the new Limited Time Mode, which is a mashup of the popular BR game and the recently released and highly successful film 'Avengers: Infinity War.'


This new Fortnite x Avengers mode involves players searching around the map for the Infinity Gauntlet, which is an all-powerful weapon wielded by the film's main villain - Thanos.

The players that are able to find or obtain the Gauntlet see their respective characters transform into Thanos and wield special powers and boosted health in-game.


However, what happens if the game glitches and the Thanos skin does not load properly?

Reddit user 'shagazelle' has answered this question with a hilarious clip, in which his/her character equips the Infinity Gauntlet but does not turn into the giant, purple villain.


What makes the clip even more comical is the fact that the in-game character is the 'Cuddle Team Leader' skin.

Funnily enough, seeing a pink bear levitating in the sky and delivering the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet against its helpless opponents is perhaps a scarier sight than if it were Thanos in the first place.

Thanos' skin didn't load, so this happened. (Gameplay) from r/FortNiteBR