High Profile Players Give Feedback After Disappointing Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 1 - NickEh30, Daequan and More

by Calum Patterson


After an anti-climactic start to the Fortnite 'Summer Skirmish' series, a number of high profile participants have taken to social media to advise how it can be improved in future iterations.

The first week, which boasted a massive $250,000 in prize money with another $7,750,000 still to be handed out over eight weeks, was plagued by lag, as well as a difficult to spectate format.


With fifty duo teams to keep an eye on, the observers were constantly swapping through points of view, and coupled with the lag which players experienced, there was little redeeming about the tournament.

It did attract hundreds of thousands of viewers across the official streams and participants own channels. So, Epic Games will be keen to get it right in future weeks to avoid Fortnite esports getting off to any worse of a start, especially with so many eyes on it.


One of the main complaints which has arisen is that there is too much emphasis on winning games rather than racking up eliminations, meaning players will be tactically more patient rather than aggressive.

Top YouTube streamer 'NickEh30' went into great detail to explain how the tournament setting and structure could be improved.


TSM Player Daequan also agreed that more emphasis needs to be placed on elimination rather than simply victory royale's. 

He suggests a point system, somewhat similar to the point system used in other competitive Battle Royale events, but  angled to encourage eliminations.

In terms of lag, this will be something Epic should be on top of themselves as they work out the kinks with their custom server technology.

But 100 Thieves player Parallax was disappointed to see of 'disrespect' levelled at both Epic and the participants.


Daequan's TSM teammate though, HighDistortion, had a rather more novel idea about how Epic could spice up the tournament next time around - using the new ATK vehicles.