Guide to Follow the Treasure Map in Snobby Shores - Fortnite Battle Royale Week 5 Challenge, Season 5

by Calum Patterson


This week there is a fresh treasure map to follow in Snobby Shores for one of the Week 5, Season 5 challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale.

If you are stumped with it, or simply too lazy to work it out (we've all been there), here is a quick and easy guide to following the map and reaping the reward.


Despite being labelled Snobby Shores, it is actually more so in Haunted Hills, nearby. So you'll need to head to the North West of the map, specifically quadrant B2.

There, you will need get on to the roof of the small brick building to the right of the large church like building in the center of Haunted Hills.


If you are not quite sure, this is the location of the star in game, courtesy of niitq.


As always, it is advised that you complete the match that you are playing (by being eliminated or getting the win) before leaving the game. If you return to the lobby early, the challenge progress might not be applied correctly.

As this challenge is classed as “HARD”, you’ll earn double XP vs what you do with the standard ones and it shouldn't take you very long to complete.


To make it even easier, simply watch this helpful video from YouTuber niitq, who goes straight to the location marked on the treasure map.