Ghost Gaming sign three controller Fortnite players to their already stacked pro roster

by Albert Petrosyan


Already boasting what may be the strongest roster in competitive Fortnite Battle Royale, Ghost Gaming have now added three more potential stars to the mix.


The prominent esports org announced on February 6 that they've finalized deals with Kovon 'Assault' Richardson, Jason 'EX' Moreno and Shahryar 'Shah' Ahmed.

The three players have joined Ghost's pro roster effective immediately and will look to represent the team in official competitions moving forward.


As part of the announcement, Ghost released a video in which they showcased the talent level of their three new players, giving fans a glimpse of what they can expect. 

Interestingly enough, these three players all primarily play Fortnite using a controller, which makes these highlights, and their overall ability, even more impressive.

This will not be the first pro experience for Assault or Shah, as both previously were competitive players for MRKN Clan and Team Chronic respectively. 

As for content creation, EX and Shah have amassed a large following on both social media and YouTube, each boasting around 50,000 Twitter followers and over 300,000 subscribers.

While he may not yet have such a strong foothold in content creation as his new teammates, Assault is widely known in the competitive community for his immense skill, so it should not take long for him make his own mark. 

With all three players officially signed, Ghost's pro Fortnite roster now sits at 16 members, 12 of which are from the United States, and one each from Canada, Switzerland, and Germany.

Ghost have, far and away, the most players signed out of all of the prominent orgs involved in competitive Fortnite, and they also boast a very impressive collection of controller players in particular. 

They already had two of the most prominent controller players in Aydan and Issa, and now they've added three more top-tier prospects to the fold.