Fortnite: Game-breaking BRUTE Mech bug makes death unavoidable

Connor Bennett
Epic Games

Fortnite players have uncovered even more glitches with the controversial BRUTE Mechs, including a strange issue where you can’t exit the suit while it is exploding.

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While many fans might have expected Fortnite Season X to be a huge celebration of game’s popularity, plenty have turned and headed for other titles thanks to the BRUTE Mechs. 

The vehicle, which was added with the v10.00, has seemingly given people nothing but trouble throughout the tenth season. There have been god mode glitches, players scoring kills from across the map, and even grabbing insane amounts of loot from Rift Zones. Yet, there’s a brand new problem that is backfiring those who opt to jump inside them. 

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Epic Games
The Brute’s have caused plenty of controversy throughout Fortnite Season 10.

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user dragster2701 showcased a clip from a recent competitive game where they had been using the BRUTE to rotate to their teammates. As the players were locked in an intense, moving circle, dragster2701 came under fire and saw the BRUTE destroyed.

However, as they tried to hop out things didn’t go to plan. “Get me out, get out, I can’t get out,” he screamed as the Mech exploded and he was sent flying to the floor in a strange animation. 

Yet, instead of being downed and available for revive, the player was greeted with an unusual camera angle before being eliminated by another player.

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While many players may not have run into this problem before, it wasn’t just a one-off issue that the Redditor had experienced. 

“Oh I had that glitch once and sent feedback to Epic,” added /u/The_Omegastrom. “I was in Team Rumble and I didn’t respawn back.”

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Members of the Epic Games community team are typically quite active in the game’s subreddit, but as they haven’t responded to the post about this glitch. It’s unknown if it’s on their radar, or whether a fix is coming anytime soon. 

With the v10.31 update likely to drop this week, it remains to be seen if players will be able to not have to worry about this bug moving forward.