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Frustrating Fortnite bug has players confusing teammates for enemies

Published: 28/Feb/2020 4:28

by Brad Norton


The Fortnite community has grown tired of shooting at friendly targets due to a frustrating bug that’s been impacting Team Rumble of late.

In team-centric game modes, it’s obviously crucial to be aware of exactly who is on your side at all times. Knowing the enemy is half of the battle after all.

However, a tiring bug impacting a number of modes throughout Epic Games’ battle royale title appears to be making that impossible.

Epic Games
Team Rumble is one of the core game-modes in Fortnite that pits two teams of 20 against each other.

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While walking past friendly companions in Fortnite, it can be easy to accidentally mistake their character model for that of an enemy. Typically this confusion would last for a split second before you see a friendly arrow above their head, indicating they are in fact on your side.


To the dismay of avid Fortnite players, however, that has not exactly been the case throughout the past few updates.

Compiling a multitude of egregious clips showcasing the issue, Reddit user ‘lurker17066’ highlighted how arrows have been disappearing from nearby allies, leading to an outrageous state of confusion with friendly players wasting resources trying to fight one another.

The Arrow Issue In Team Rumble Has Gotten Worse from FortNiteBR

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Examples throughout the video show how teammates have been setting up for large-scale build-fights due to working under the assumption that nearby characters are actually enemies.

Wasting everything from ammunition to building materials and overall time in the lobby, the confusion has even been giving opposing teams the upper hand.


As players stumble upon two or more enemies fighting each other, they can quickly take both out of the fight without much of a hassle.

“Thanks for the report,” Epic Games Community Coordinator ‘EpicBoaty’ responded upon seeing the clip. “Our team is currently looking into this issue.”

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While there’s no indicating exactly when the issue might be resolved, it’s clear the developers are well aware and trying to remedy the situation soon.

For the time being, if you’re playing team-based modes in Fortnite, try to be extra vigilant and pay close attention to those around you.