Fortnite’s runes have dropped, sending the Cube Island on the move again

by Vincent Genova


The mysterious cube has activated every rune, now they have fallen to the ground and a major event may follow.


Throughout Season 6, the Cube in Fortnite has been underneath a floating island, moving to locations on the map that contained runes.

Once the Cube was over a rune, the rune would “activate” and start to glow, as well as float in the air.


Anticipation was building as the cube slowly activated every rune on the map. Once all the runes were activated, they moved to the island and formed a floating circle.

Now, the runes have fallen to the ground and the island is on the move again.


Estimates have the Cube returning the island to its original location in Loot Lake, now known as Leaky Lake.

This new movement may be preparing for a major event that could happen on October 21, which is three days after the last rune was activated.

Three days typically passed between each rune being activated, though the amount of action going on today might mean the event will happen sooner.