Fortnite’s Iceberg island has completely melted after the v7.20 update - Dexerto

Fortnite’s Iceberg island has completely melted after the v7.20 update

Published: 15/Jan/2019 16:39 Updated: 6/Oct/2020 16:50

by Matt Porter



After about 10 hours, the iceberg on an island south of Happy Hamlet has finally broken! The reveal was a bit anticlimactic, however, as it simply revealed a bunker door identical to the one that’s been in Wailing Woods for quite some time.

The release of Fortnite’s V7.20 update has seen the massive iceberg in the corner of the map begin to melt.

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The 7.20 update brought some massive changes to the game, including the new Scoped Revolver and the reintroduction of Glider Redeploy as an item.

One change that has slipped under the radar comes in the map’s south-west corner, where the large iceberg that floats of the side of the main island has started to thaw.


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First noticed by Fortnite leaker lucas7yoshi, the large boulder of ice that sits on the island just below Happy Hamlet has started to melt, as players can see that it now has a health bar, which is slowly decreasing with every passing second.

Players cannot deal any damage to the iceberg to speed up the process, seemingly confirming that it will be part of an event, as the boulder will melt at the exact same time in every match, rather than at different points depending on whether players are destroying it.

The ice appears to be damaged every second, but with the boulder having around five billion health points, it will take some time before the object is completely melted.


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Players have previously found a hidden bunker underneath the ice boulder, so it’s likely players will be able to get inside the structure once the iceberg melts.

Eagle-eyed Fortnite fans have also discovered a massive floating orb in the sky above Polar Peak, which turns players screen white with frost when players get too close it.

There has also been a number of leaks from the game files following the V7.20 update, including new skins and cosmetics, a mysterious music video, and even a new ‘medieval sword’ weapon.