Fortnite YouTuber Fe4rless finally returns with viral Chapter 2 video

by Alan Bernal


YouTube star "Fe4RLess" made his Fortnite Chapter 2 debut with his first video in a long time, which sees him back to trolling teams and meeting excited fans in-game.

With a massive following of over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, audiences were confused when the content creator went silent for months – even after the release for the game-changing Chapter 2 update.

Even though his last video dates back to October 2019, Fe4RLess didn’t skip a beat with his anticipated return, which has already hit the #1 trending video on YouTube for Gaming, at the time of writing.

via Fe4RLess YouTube
Audiences have been missing Fe4RLess's insane Fortnite videos filled with pranks and banter.


Getting back into the groove of his regular upload schedule, Fe4RLess started his comeback video by debunking a strange rumor that he'd passed away at a hospital due to an infection. The video begins with a spotlight on a December 24 video speculating the details of his supposed "death."

Of course, this speculation wasn't true, since Fe4RLess’s latest trip onto the Fortnite island had him cracking up at the hijinks he gets caught up with, all the while getting trolled by the fans he came across in game.

But, as his viewers are well aware, the YouTuber can sometimes get caught up with the pranks he pulls on the members of his squad – something that he addressed in the video after accidentally killing his own teammate.


Fe4RLess told his haters: “Calm down, d**n. Like for real. It’s a video game we’re playing. It’s not that not serious. Y’all got to calm down and relax.”

In fact, he says he befriended the teammate he killed, gifted them a skin, and that they even became “homies.” Just goes to show that the YouTuber knows how to troll while giving back to his inadvertent victims.

He even gave an impression of FaZe star Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson where he was smashing key inputs while yelling “lazard,” to the amusement of his team.

via Fe4RLess YouTube
Fe4RLess was back to trolling players in Fortnite in no time.


His newest upload is already topping the charts, boasting over 2.5 million views and about 383,000 likes - so it seems like his fans were itching for a new video.

Fe4RLess already has another hit to his collection of Fortnite videos, and given his habit of posting once every few weeks or more, it’ll have to hold over viewers until the next one.