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Fortnite world record broken for PC Squads kills – ft SpaceLyon, Replays, NickEh30, and TurkeyLips!

Published: 25/Sep/2018 23:14 Updated: 26/Sep/2018 11:10

by Albert Petrosyan



Unbelievably, the new world record set by SapceLyon and company has already been bested by a team consisting of Tfue, Cloak, ZexRow and Kreo!

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The world record for Squads eliminations in a Fortnite match on PC has been broken, and it was done so during the Fall Skirmish competition series.

A squad featuring FaZe Clan pro player SpaceLyon, FaZe Director Replays, popular YouTuber NickEh30, and free agent competitive player TurkeyLips managed to put together 56 eliminations, without team killing, to set the new world record.

They beat the previous ‘no team kill’ PC world record of 54 eliminations, which was set by 100 Thieves’ pro Fortnite team earlier in September.

According to the final scoreboard, the elimination breakdown went as follows: Replays (18), TurkeyLips (16), NickEh30 (13), and SpaceLyon (9).

All four players tweeted excitedly about their amazing accomplishment, which was documented on both SpaceLyon’s and Replays’ streams.

This record-breaking performance took place as the four were completing their weekly Fall Skirmish trials known as Squads Goals, in which players from the same Club team up to get as many eliminations as possible.

The 56 eliminations are sure to earn some serious points for the Lucky Llamas club, who currently sit in last place in the Club standings after week one, with just 275 points.

While other teams have managed to get 56 kills in a single match before, no one had done it without team killing prior to now.

Although friendly fire is disabled in Fortnite Battle Royale, teammates can still use the environment to eliminate each other and award themselves an extra kill. 

Nowadays, world record bids with no team killing are prioritized over ones that exploit that glitch, which is why this group’s effort is the new PC Squads kill record. 

For a full list of all currently held world records in Fortnite, view our records hub here.


Fortnite leaker claims mods are coming soon

Published: 23/Nov/2020 11:39

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite could soon be getting support for mods if a claim from a reliable leaker is to be believed. 

Since being released over three years ago, Fortnite’s new content and changes have all come from Epic Games. The developers had added everything from new weapons to a new map, as well as unique vehicles that you won’t see anywhere else.

Though, Fortnite players have gone above and beyond with their own creations in Creative mode – using all the tools at their disposal to create wacky and huge maps that provide hours of fun. 

However, Epic Games could soon be handing players the power to use mods in Fortnite to make things a little more interesting. 

Epic Games
Epic Games have had control over all of Fortnite’s content, but that could soon change,

Reliable leaker Lucas7Yoshi made the claim on Twitter on November 23, but couldn’t explain just how far the modding capabilities would stretch. 

“Modding support will be coming to Fortnite…,” the Fortnite dataminer said, before following that up with a little bit more info amid a myriad of questions from his followers.

“Confidence for this is its 100% in the works,” he added. “To what extent you could mod the game or what you could do with it I’m not sure. But it’s definitely by definition ‘modding’.”

It could, very well, be the case that Epic makes it possible for players to use their own weapon skins in the battle royale mode, but can make bigger and bolder changes in Save the World where their mods wouldn’t influence other players as much.

The introduction of mods would certainly excite many players, but, there is a fine balance to uphold so that they don’t completely break the game.

Plus, there is also the question of whether or not they would be PC-only or work on console too. But, we’ll just have to wait and see what further info is released surrounding the possibility of mods.