Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha sends message to Epic Games over BRUTE Mechs

Epic Games

v10.0 update at the start of Season X, and immediately became an unpopular issue, with players complaining that they were far too powerful to be in the game.

Streamers like Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff have all voiced their frustrations with the monstrous machines, and now the 16-year-old who became headline news thanks to his solo win in New York City has weighed in, and asked Epic Games for their help.

Epic GamesBugha’s patience with the BRUTE mechs has ran out.
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During his August 7 stream, Bugha was playing trios with Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller and FaZe Clan’s Danny ‘Dubs’ Walsh when they came across an enemy in a BRUTE who immediately destroyed their builds.

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Despite his best efforts, the mech suit continued to rain down rockets on his head, eventually eliminating the Sentinels pro player from the game by stomping on him, causing Bugha to immediately exit the lobby in a fit of rage.

“Oh my God!” roared the Fortnite pro player. “I’m never playing this game again. Epic Games, remove them now. I said, I know you guys are watching my stream. Remove them!”

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Despite his outburst, Bugha continued to play Fortnite, but it seems that the BRUTES are getting to him, even though he won $3 million playing the battle royale title back in July.

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Epic Games have stated that they are evaluating the BRUTE’s place in the current landscape of the game, so there is hope that the developers may nerf them or remove them entirely, although many were left frustrated when the v10.0 Content Update made no changes to the mechs.

There’s no current timeline for any alterations to the BRUTES though, so Fortnite fans will seemingly have to put up with their overpowered antics for a little longer.