Fortnite World Cup: Epic Games reveal future plans for Storm Flip item

David Purcell
Epic Games

Epic Games have released an apologetic statement following the disastrous state of the first Fortnite Trios Cup, which forced them to disable the Storm Flip item. But, will the item be making a return any time soon? 

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The game developers previously revealed that they had considered scrapping the competitive event altogether following the issue plagued weekend of the initial Trios Cup, but have instead opted to give players another opportunity to play on July 21. 

With the two main issues with the first competition being the material drop rates in games, as well as the influence of the Storm Flip item, there’s no doubt that some fans – and even competitors – would have been wondering if the latter would still be active come the start of the Fortnite World Cup finals on July 27. 

Now, they have an answer. 

Epic GamesHow much longer will the Storm Flip be disabled for in Fortnite?
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What does the future hold for the Storm Flip?

On July 19, Epic Games confirmed that the item, which was added to the popular battle royale game with the v9.20 content update, has been sent to the vault until the beginning of Season 10. 

“Storm Flip will remain disabled for Arena and all Tournaments, including the Fortnite World Cup, until Season 10 launch. This will be re-evaluated during the new season,” a statement from their website reads. 

Epic GamesConfirmed: Fortnite World Cup won’t feature the Storm Flip item.
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The statement also addressed the state in which the Trios Cup went live, as many fans were left disappointed by the experience. 

“We want to acknowledge the state we launched the Trios Cup this past weekend. It went live with the incorrect playlist settings, something we should have caught with additional testing,” it says, before confirming that both semi-finals and finals of the new July 21 tournament will be all in the same day. 

Epic GamesNew Fortnite Trios Cup will commence on July 21.
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“This time, the top 150 teams in the semi-finals will move into the final round. So gear up, practice with your Trios crew, and get ready for another shot at a chunk of the $1 million prize pool”.

While the contents of this competitive Fortnite announcement may have confirmed much of what fans already knew about what’s coming up in the next few weeks, such as the arrival of the Xbox One Solos tournament on July 20, there’s no doubt that some players will be delighted to see the removal of the Storm Flip. 

Whether or not the item will return for a longer stint in Season 10 remains to be seen, but it’s definitely had a rocky start since being added to the game.