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Fortnite Winter Trials event and free rewards leaked

Published: 25/Jan/2021 23:28 Updated: 26/Jan/2021 14:17

by Tanner Pierce


If you’ve been pining for more Fortnite content to sink your teeth into then get ready, Epic Games has revealed the Winter Trials, an in-game tournament that will allow players of the battle royale game to earn some free items like sprays and wraps.

In-game tournaments in Fortnite are nothing new and now it seems like a new one will be cropping up very soon.

As originally spotted by some eagle-eyed leakers like HYPEX and ShiinaBR, a new event called the Winter Trials is set to go live in Fortnite in the very near future. While the event hasn’t been announced by Epic Games themselves, the website has been in a fluctuating state of live and offline for a while now, meaning an official announcement could be coming very soon.


Details about the tournament itself are scarce but if the website is anything to go off of, players will be able to sign-in using their Epic account, pledge themselves to a team based on a notable content creator, and then play Fortnite to earn points, badges, and in-game items.

Right now, it seems like fans will be able to earn badges by completing challenges, which will be voted on by the community. Some of these challenges include not being able to use weapons to damage other players or be tasked with completing as many bounties as possible.

The rewards seem to be pretty interesting, with everything from a spray to an exclusive weapon wrap up for grabs. Given how little we know, more details about the rewards and tournament aren’t available, however, leaker HYPEX was able to grab a video of the website before it was taken back down.


How to earn Winter Trials rewards

Fortnite’s website details exactly how players can collect badges to earn the unique Winter Trials rewards.

“To get rewards you need to sign in to the website and collect badges by completing various tasks. Please refer to the rewards section to see how many badges you need for each prize.”

Here are all of the specific tasks players need to complete to earn badges:

  • Logging in to activate challenges (One badge)
  • Voting for challenges (One badge rewarded per challenge)
  • Clicking thumbs up on a team’s website (One badge per day)
  • Playing Fortnite for 20 minutes (Unlimited – players rewarded a badge for every 20 minutes spent in core game modes)

It’s worth noting to be eligible for this event you’ll need to ensure your Fortnite statistics are open to the public. This can be done by heading to your Fortnite settings in-game, clicking the ‘Account and Privacy’ section, and turning on the ‘Show on Career Leaderboard’ setting.


Winter Trials cosmetics
Epic Games
Fornite’s Winter Trials will take place between January 25 and January 31.

Hopefully, that’s told you everything you need to know about the Winter Trials and how to earn the new and unique cosmetics.

We’ll be sure to update this article if any new rewards or information becomes available.