Fortnite: Where to find ‘five different public service announcement signs’ for Week 9, Season 10 challenge

by Matt Porter


Season 9, Week 10 challenges were officially released on Thursday, July 11, with seven new challenges available to Fortnite players trying to earn some Battle Stars.

This challenge requires players to visit some of the public service announcement signs and posters that have been plastered across the walls at Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, and Mega Mall. But, if you’re struggling to find these signs, we’ve got some handy maps which should help you out.

Epic Games
Epic Games
The public service announcement signs appeared in the v9.30 update.


Where to find public service announcement signs at Neo Tilted

Neo Tilted has six public service signs dotted around the city, but it may be the hardest locations to complete this challenge.

With Neo Tilted one of the most popular dropping points on the entire map, managing to hit all six of the signs found here in a single match is unlikely, but you should be able to hit a couple before you find yourself battling enemies.

Locations of the public service announcements in Neo Tilted.


Where to find public service announcement signs at Mega Mall

Mega Mall, a brand new location added at the start of Season 9, also features six of these signs dotted around the sprawling shopping hub.

All of the signs at Mega Mall are located inside the building itself, so enter through the front door and start hunting for them, as they are plastered on walls and columns throughout the mall.

Mega Mall has six of the public service announcements.


Where to find public service announcement signs at Pressure Plant

Finally, the last area of the map that has these public service announcement signs is at Pressure Plant, where the massive dog robot for the Doggus event is currently being constructed.

Pressure Plant is the final location with public service announcements.


The good news is that this challenge doesn’t need to be completed in a single match, or in a single location, so feel free to visit whichever of the locations you choose.