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Fortnite: What team has Symfuhny signed with?

Published: 9/Mar/2019 13:50 Updated: 9/Mar/2019 14:06

by Marcus Banks


Popular Fortnite streamer Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier is finally signing to a professional organization, but who could he join?

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Lanier is regarded as one of the best editors in the game and has racked up $138,450 in tournament winnings putting him at #34 in the all-time top earners on Fortnite; making him one of the best free agents currently on the market.

As a result of consistently placing well during Skirmish events and averaging a high amount of Twitch viewers, signing to a professional team seemed like the next move for the 19-year-old.

Twitter/Dare RisingSymfuhny boasts over 350k subscribers on YouTube
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However, unlike many top streamers, Symfuhny resisted the urge to pen a contract with an organization, until now


The former H1Z1 player hinted on his March 5 stream that he may or may not be signing a contract with an org. This was later confirmed by Liquid Poach after Symfuhny joined his chat and confirmed the deal had been signed.

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We take a closer look at which team may have secured his services…

Team SoloMid

TWITTER:TSMTeam SoloMid have been adding to their competitive Fortnite roster in recent weeks
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TSM have been making massive statements of intent in the Fortnite competitive scene in recent weeks after signing one of the most consistent duos in the game – Vinny and Zexrow.

After dropping Cowboy from their pro team, a spot for Symfuhny may have opened up. TSM Myth is still trying to find a long-term duo partner and the pair have played together in the past.


Symfuhny’s excellent average viewer count on Twitch makes him the perfect addition to the TSM team should he wish to continue as a content creator rather than a pro player.

100 Thieves

Twitter/100 Thieves100 Thieves are looking to get their first win at a major Fortnite tournament

Founded by Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, 100 Thieves have recently revamped their Fortnite roster following Epic Games’ announcement of the $30m World Cup event.

Ceice, Blind, Kyzui and Elevate all signed contracts recently to join Kenith, Parallax and SirDimetrious on the team.

While Symfuhny may not have performed as well as others in elite level competitions, his popularity makes him a perfect signing for 100T as they look to establish themselves in the Fortnite community again.


FaZe Clan

Twitter/FaZe ClanFaZe Clan are one of the most followed gaming organizations in the world
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Given Symfuhny’s strong relationship with Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, FaZe Clan is another contender for his signature.

The pair have played together on stream for a long time and were often found pairing up to play in Tfue’s ‘Tfault Scrims’.

FaZe have been aggressive in their recruitment, signing many rising players to their ranks recently, including Nate Hill’s duo partner – Funkbomb.

Symfuhny is extremely marketable meaning it makes perfect sense for FaZe to bring him on board as a content creator. However, their recent signings have been more competitive based which means he may have been overlooked.


Nevertheless, Jaomock is searching for a new team-mate after splitting from Tennp0 and Symfuhny could be the ideal target.

Ghost Gaming

Twitter/Ghost GamingGhost Gaming possess one of the largest Fortnite rosters in the world

Finally, Ghost Gaming could also be in the mix with Ghost Aydan searching for a new duo partner on the West Coast.

The popular controller player confirmed on Twitter that he would be moving to California and was searching for a long-term player to grind with ahead of the World Cup.

Despite living in Texas, teaming up with Aydan could be an interesting move if Symfuhny is serious about playing well at the upcoming tournament.

Ghost have one of the largest rosters in the world and adding Lanier to their ranks would be another stellar addition.