Fortnite Week 8, Season 8 challenges have been leaked

Graphics: Epic Games

Epic Games might not have announced the Fortnite Week 8, Season 8 challenges yet, but players might be able to get an idea of what the future holds as the next set have been leaked. 

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The developer of the popular battle royale title usually releases weekly challenges every Thursday, but they have been revealed ahead of schedule by a dataminer. 

While this is an unconfirmed list and should be taken with a pinch of salt, let’s take a look at the tasks that players may have to complete in the near future. Those wanting to unlock the Season 8 Discovery skin, Ruin, these challenges and our guide should be very useful. 

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Screengrab from LootLakeFortnite’s Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit look set to play a part in the Week 8, Season 8 challenges.

What are the Fortnite challenges for Week 8, Season 8? 

As is usually the case, the leaked list of Fortnite weekly challenges includes three free challenges which are available to all players, as well as four things that only Battle Pass owners will be able to cross off. 

Based on this potentially leaked information from Lucas7Yoshi, players will have to interact with a treasure map signpost in Paradise Palms, as well as its surrounding area, dial phone numbers on the large telephone near Fatal Fields, and much more. 

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Here is the full list of leaked challenges for Fortnite Week 8, Season 8: 

Free Challenges

  • Stage 1/2: Search the treasure map signpost found in Paradise Palms – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 2/2: Search the X on the treasure map signpost in Paradise Palms – 1 Battle Star
  • Use Vending Machines in (3) different matches – 5 Battle Stars
  • Deal (100) damage to opponents while using at least one balloon – 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Search (7) Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces under bridges and in caves – 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1/2: Dial the Durrr Burger number on the big telephone west of Fatal Fields – 2 Battle Stars
    • Stage 2/2: Dial the Pizza Pit number on the big telephone east of The Block – 3 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate (7) opponents at Dusty Divot or Lucky Landing – 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate (2) opponent from at least 50m away – 10 Battle Stars

As mentioned earlier, confirmed challenges will be released by Epic Games on April 18. So, not long now!

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