Fortnite War Effort: How to vote to unvault locked weapons in Season 8

War Effort FortniteEpic Games

The War Effort will be a new feature in Fortnite Season 8 that allows players to vote as a community for which weapons they want to see unvaulted and reintroduced back into the game.

With the invasion finally coming to a close, Fortnite Season 8 has begun and there’s a set of giant cubes causing havoc across the map.

While players are enjoying the brand new skins & cosmetics as well as the Sideways Rifle & Minigun, it’s the War Effort feature that’s caught the attention of a lot of players.

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As with every major update in Fortnite, an array of weapons are vaulted and unvaulted to help change up the meta. Despite this, it’s Epic that usually decides which guns make a return to the game.

However, Season 8 is changing this system and implementing a feature that allows the community to decide which weapons are unvaulted.

Fortnite War Effort Epic Games
The War Effort feature was leaked ahead of Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite War Effort feature allows players to unvault weapons

The beginning of a new season is always exciting in Fornite, especially when an array of new weapons are released from the vault. Luckily, in Season 8, Epic is taking it one step further and allowing players to vote for which guns they want to be unvaulted.

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However, before they can decide or vote on anything, players will need to work together as a community to build Turret Stations to decide which weapons to bring back and unlock from the vault.

They can do this by donating Gold Bars to Construction Sites scattered around the map, there’s even a challenge to contribute, so it’s definitely worth getting it done.

“To fight back against the cubes, the island’s survivors need your help… Work together with the entire community to build turret stations, to decide which weapons to bring back to the island.”

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Fortnite War EffortEpic Games
Epic hasn’t revealed when players will be able to vote to unvault weapons.

For now, it looks like the voting will come later in the season, so it’s unclear how this system will work and how many options players will have to choose from.

As it’s a community activity that aims to fight back against the cubes, it looks like it could span across the majority of the season or even become a permanent feature.

In terms of how to vote, we’ll update this article as soon as any new information is revealed about the War Effort system.

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