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Fortnite v8.30 release time announced by Epic Games

Published: 9/Apr/2019 17:17 Updated: 9/Apr/2019 19:26

by Eli Becht


Fortnite’s update time for v8.30 has been by revealed by Epic Games. Here’s when players will be able to jump in.

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Coming off a highly controversial patch with v8.20, Fortnite arguably has nowhere to go but up with the next update.

Epic Games announced the update time for v8.30 so here’s when players will be able to jump in and see what Fortnite has to offer with the next update.

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What time will the Fortnite v8.30 update be coming out?

Fortnite’s upcoming v8.30 patch is set to release on April 10 and Epic Games shared when players can expect that downtime to begin.


Players can look forward to Fortnite going down for maintenance at 2am PT / 5am ET / 9am GMT as the patch is rolled out to all platforms.

Downtime typically doesn’t last more than an hour so players should be able to jump into the action shortly after downtime begins.

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What’s coming with v8.30?

There are a variety of changes coming with this update including changes to all vehicles and numerous bug fixes. One of the big changes coming in this update is the addition of Reboot Vans to Fortnite.

The Reboot Vans will offer players a chance to bring back their fallen teammates if they manage to secure the Reboot Card that will be dropped upon elimination.


This update will possibly be introducing changes to the way vehicles work as well. 

In what was a highly controversial move, Epic Games announced stretched resolution will not be allowed in the Fortnite World Cup which means players will all be stuck on native resolutions. Look for that change to come in this update.

A nerf to the Baller was originally set to debut with this patch but Epic Games announced they were still working on a proper fix so that nerf has now been delayed.

We don’t have an exact date for when that eventual nerf will be coming so stay tuned for that.


If you’re interested in the size of the download, you can also check that out above.