Fortnite update 24.20 patch notes: Attack on Titan crossover & new weapons

Attack on Titan skins in the Fortnite update 24.20Epic Games

Fortnite update 24.20 has arrived, bringing the long-awaited Attack on Titan crossover into the game alongside two new weapons to discover. Here are the patch notes.

We’re now a month into Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 2, and the most exciting update yet has just arrived – which is big news for fans of the popular anime series Attack on Titan.

There are three skins available (Eren, Mikasa, and Levi) as well as two new weapons based on items that appear in the anime. There’s even a small easter egg on the map for fans to discover.

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Below, you’ll find the Fortnite update v24.20 patch notes with all the new features you can look forward to when you jump back into the battle royale.

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Fortnite update 24.20 patch notes

Eren Jaeger arrives in the Battle Pass

This season’s special Battle Pass skin is Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan. Following the v24.20 update, Fortnite fans will finally be able to unlock him and all of his matching cosmetics.

Before you can do that, though, you’ll need to complete a set of themed Attack on Titan Quests. We’ll have a guide for those posted very soon.

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Eren Jaeger in the Fortnite Battle PassEpic Games

Mikasa & Levi skins in the Shop

Eren Jaeger isn’t the only Attack on Titan character coming to Fortnite, as it’s now been confirmed that Mikasa Ackerman and Captain Levi will also be getting their own skins in the game.

Unlike Eren Jaeger – who’s part of the Battle Pass – these two skins can only be purchased from the Item Shop with V-Bucks.

Mikasa and Levi skins from Attack on Titan in FortniteEpic Games

New Attack on Titan weapons

There are now two Attack on Titan weapons available in Fortnite: The Omni-Directional Mobility (ODM) Gear which lets you catapult through the sky and the Thunder Spear which launches rockets.

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You can find these on the ground, inside Chests, or by searching Scout Regiment Footlockers. Keep in mind that these are Mythics so they won’t be easy to get!

ODM Gear in FortniteEpic Games

A small map update to Anvil Square

To celebrate the Attack on Titan crossover finally launching, there will also be a small map change to Anvil Square. You’ll now be able to find the Jaeger’s Family Basement hidden at this POI.

Scout Regiment Footlocker with rare weapons

A new type of Chest called Scout Regiment Footlockers have appeared around the map. As well as useful items and weapons, they’re guaranteed to have ODM Gear or Thunder Spears inside them.

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Scout Regiment Footlockers in FortniteEpic Games

Dirt Bikes have been unvaulted

At the start of this season, Dirt Bikes were vaulted to make way for the new Rogue Bikes – but they’re now making a return so you can have your pick between the two fast-paced vehicles.

Fortnite update 24.20 bug fixes

The following bug fixes are expected to be issued with the v24.20 update:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to retain the healing effect of hot springs.
  • Fixed an issue involving rebooted players sometimes appearing invisible to teammates.
  • Stray’s mask appears crooked.
  • The “Vital” audio track displays the incorrect season in the description.
  • Some players using Android devices are unable to load into Creative maps.
  • Players can sometimes see hidden devices in UEFN.

That’s everything you need to know about Fortnite update v22.40! For the latest news and guides, make sure you visit our Fortnite page.

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