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Fortnite v14.20 patch notes: Wolverine boss, BTS event

Published: 23/Sep/2020 4:30 Updated: 23/Sep/2020 8:44

by Isaac McIntyre


Fortnite developers Epic Games have confirmed Chapter 2 Season 4’s v14.20 patch is on its way, and it’s a big one ⁠— Wolverine, a BTS single, Fortnite’s third birthday, and plenty more! Here’s all the early patch notes, details, and more for the September 23 update.

Fortnite’s fourth season Marvel theme continues in this v12.40 update with the debut of the X-Men’s deadly hero, Wolverine, as an on-map boss. There’s also a few other crossovers set to begin too, including a BTS single release.

We already have a pretty good idea what’s coming in the Fortnite x Marvel #3 update, set to go live this Wednesday; here’s everything we know about the v14.20 patch so far ⁠— starting with all the Fortnite downtime details.


When is the Fortnite v14.20 patch coming?

Epic Games has officially locked in the v14.20 update for Wednesday, September 23. Downtime is expected to begin at 4am ET (8am UTC, 9am BST, 6pm AEST).

Expect downtime for the v14.20 patch. Fortnite matchmaking will be disabled 20-25 minutes before the new update, to allow Epic Games to ship the patch.

Fortnite v14.20 early patch notes

Blade set to join Fortnite in v14.20 update

Perhaps the biggest news of the new Fortnite update is that Blade, the Marvel’s vampire hero known as the “Daywalker,” will be joining the battle royale next.

His inclusion in the game was teased in Epic’s unofficial patch notes email, with the vampire hero’s nickname spelt out in red letters across the page.


There has been no official confirmation Blade will be coming to the game, but this first hint does seem to point to its likelihood. Considering it’s in the v14.20 update notes too, there’s a good chance it will happen sometime during this patch.

Looks like Blade, the
Marvel Comics
Looks like Blade, the “Daywalker,” will be the next Marvel hero to join Fortnite.

New Marvel boss: Wolverine

Fortnite will be adding a new boss in the v14.20 update: Wolverine. 

The X-Men hero will spawn in Weeping Woods, and will drop his Wolverine’s Claw mythic power whenever he is defeated in combat during a match.

“Like other bosses on the map, he won’t go down without a fight,” Fortnite teased.

Wolverine joins Marvel heroes and villains like Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom as a boss out on the map. Dexerto understands Fortnite has no plans to remove the bosses already loaded in on Season 4’s map, for the time being at least.


Wolverine will be roaming the Season 4 map as a Fortnite boss after the v14.20 update.
Epic Games
Wolverine will be roaming the Season 4 map as a Fortnite boss after the v14.20 update.

New Takeover Limited Time Mode (LTM)

Alongside all of the fresh content in the latest Fortnite update, a new LTM is also on the way. It’s another Marvel-centric addition to the season as the Takeover mode has you fighting for control of outposts around the map.

Standard weapons and items will be available in this mode, though everyone drops in with one big change. Players all start “with a random primary superpower and see comets in the sky dropping more powers of all types to build your perfect loadout.”

If you haven’t already tried out each Marvel power in-game, be sure to get ahead of the competition with our guide on every ability in Season 4.


Fortnite Season 4 gameplay
Epic Games
You’ll need to master every power in Fortnite Season 4 to win this LTM.

Fortnite’s third birthday

As the community jumps into the new update, a special occasion is just a few days away. Over the coming weekend, Epic Games will be celebrating the third birthday of Fortnite in a few unique ways.

Earlier leaks gave us a look at a handful of cosmetics on the way for the occasion. Two weapon wraps are confirmed but there could be plenty more up for grabs too. From “more challenges” to “new rewards” and plenty more, Fortnite’s third birthday party could be the most memorable yet. Oh, and there will also be cake.

Fortnite cake
Epic Games
Expect to see a few cakes scattered across the map this coming weekend.

BTS launching new single in Fortnite

BTS will soon be taking over Fortnite with a special in-game performance of their new hit single Dynamite, and Epic has now confirmed it will be happening in v14.20.


The special BTS single premiere will occur in-game on September 25, at 8pm ET.

There will also be a repeat performance, Epic has confirmed, which will happen a day later on Saturday, September 26 and at a much reasonable time for players in Europe. The replay is slated to start at  8am EDT / 1pm BST / 5am PDT / 2pm CEST.

On top of the event, BTS fans will be able to get their hands on exclusive Fortnite cosmetics in the form of skins & emotes. These will be in the Item Shop on Sep. 23.

Fortnite v14.20 update bug fixes

As per usual, the Fortnite team has also added a number of bugs & issues to their official Trello board. This week’s patch will include fixes for many of these recurring problems, including even more PS4 bugs, and Fishing Spot errors on PC.

Here is the full list of bug changes set for v14.20:

Battle Royale

  • Placing a map marker cancels movement.
  • Replays not saving on PlayStation 4.
  • Fishing Spots can disappear on PC with effects set to ‘Low.’
  • Heroes Park and Ghost House don’t count as Discovered Locations after discovering them.

Creative Mode

  • Grass is not removed when placing objects on the ground.
  • Some players not granted items after first round in some team games.

So, there you have it! That’s our early patch notes with expected changes and fixes coming in Fortnite’s v14.20 update patch. Once the official details are released and added to the game, we’ll be the first to let you know.