Fortnite’s third Dig Site location finally revealed

Epic Games

The newest dig site in Fortnite has been revealed by Epic Games and added into the game, but what secrets lay beneath this one?

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Where are the Fortnite Dig Sites?

During recent Season 8 updates, dig sites, otherwise known as excavation sites have popped up across the Fortnite map. The main site came at Dusty Divot, in the heart of the map, with a number of trucks and diggers parked inside around the central lab area – with a further site appearing in the south-east part of the map.  

Further locations of the next set of dig sites, were first revealed in a leak on March 28 from popular data miner S1l0x – pointing at not only Dusty Divot receiving a major change, but other other points of interests on the Fortnite map changing too.

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FNJPNewsPlayers have been uncovering all sorts of items at the Fortnite Dig Sites

Where is the newest Dig Site location?

Now, the next change in the dig site chronicles has been revealed – and the leaks were right. The new site, which is located just east of Loot Lake, looks somewhat similar to the site that is situated between Fatal Field and the Desert Biome.

With the location only just being revealed, it will take some time before players have dug up what lies beneath the new site – just like they have at Dusty Divot and the site in the south-east.

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What has been found at these Dig Sites?

Plenty of strange clues have already been uncovered at these sites. Fans have already found things like a strangely placed rock with a ton of health at the first site, dinosaur bones, a geyser, and a huge Pirate Anchor underneath Dusty Divot.

While no one is yet sure what this all means, it’s quite possible that Epic Games are using these sites to hint at either the game’s next event, map change or a bigger hint at Season 9.

It still remains to be seen as to what links all the strange discoveries together, but it shouldn’t be too long before Epic reveals just what they have up their sleeve and we can all stop scratching our heads and being confused about what is happening in front of us.

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