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Fortnite Battle Royale • Jan 21, 2019

Fortnite tennis skin leaked ahead of Australian Open

Fortnite tennis skin leaked ahead of Australian Open

Epic Games could be adding a woman tennis player skin to Fortnite ahead of the Australian Open tournament, if this data mine leak is to believed. 


There are already World Cup and NFL related characters available in the game so far and according to Lucas7yoshi we might be on the brink of seeing a tennis related skin appear in battle royale. 

Images have been leaked of the skin in question, which is called 'Volley Girl', and will allegedly come with a Used Racket backbling to go with it. 

Epic Games
Epic Games has a history of adding sports skins, having teamed up with the NFL in November of last year to bring American Football skins to Fortnite.


Lucas7yoshi shared the "upcoming encrypted skin" with their followers on Twitter, tweeting photos and sharing videos of the potential new tennis players character. 

Like many of these datamine leaks, it's unknown if the content revealed here will be added to the game or not until the developer gives fans some official confirmation. 

Volley Girl skin leaked ahead of Fortnite's Australian Open tournament.
Leaked 'Used Racket' Back Bling for Fortnite, which will reportedly be released with the Volley Girl skin.


While there is no mention of a male character as of yet, judging by previous sports-related skins that Epic has added to Battle Royale in the past, there is a chance that we could see that happen in the future. 

For those who would like to see what Volley Girl looks like with the tennis racket Back Bling, check out the clip below. Is this going to be the next sports skin added to Fortnite?