Best Fortnite sweaty skins to use in Season 6

Epic Games

There are now hundreds of skins available in Fortnite, but only a few of them are a sure sign you’re facing off against a sweat. Here are the sweatiest skins you’ll find in Season 6.

Fortnite skins are one of the best ways to show off your individual style or your favorite pop-culture characters. We’ve already rounded up the rarest skins and the best skins, but right now we’re looking over the sweatiest skins in Fortnite.

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So what are ‘sweaty’ skins? Well, they’re skins that are often used by so-called ‘sweats’ in the game; these are players who go the extra mile to show off their skills in the game, even when it’s not needed, to the point where they break a sweat.

Fortnite Season 6Epic Games
Fortnite Season 6 has arrived, and there are still plenty of sweaty skins around.

While Fortnite has been taken over by crossover skins from franchises like Street Fighter and Marvel in recent seasons, you’ll rarely see sweats wearing these. Typically, they’ll go for original designs and skins that the average player can no longer attain.

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Whether you run the other way when you see a sweat or just make fun of them, there are a number of skins that make it clear you’re up against one of these formidable foes. From Crystal to Renegade Raider and beyond, here are the top sweaty skins in Fortnite.

Soccer Skins

Clinical Crosser skinEpic Games
The female Soccer skins continue to be a popular choice for sweats.

We’re not 100% sure why the customizable Soccer skins such as Dynamic Dribbler and Clinical Crosser have become so popular among sweats in Fortnite, but we’ve been taken out by them enough times to know they belong on this list. Regular appearances in the Item Shop have made them more common than other skins here, but that hasn’t made them any less sweaty.

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Renegade Raider

Fortnite Renegade RaiderEpic Games
Sweats love OG skins like Renegade Raider.

If you see someone wearing the Renegade Raider skin, you know they’ve been playing since day one. This skin was only available to purchase in Chapter 1 Season 1 of Fortnite if players reached Level 20 and were willing to spend 1,200 V-Bucks on it. It’s often used to show off a sweat’s OG status, and with years of play behind them, their skills will likely be top-notch.

Ghoul Trooper

Ghoul TrooperEpic Games
It’s not as sweaty as it once was, but Ghoul Trooper is still a top choice.

Another skin that’s usually a sign the player wearing it has been around since the OG days is the Ghoul Trooper. It first appeared during the Fortnitemares event in Chapter 1 Season 1, although it has returned to the Item Shop multiple times now, typically around Halloween each year, meaning you’ll sometimes get non-sweats wearing it too.

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Fortnite CrystalEpic Games
Bugha’s choice Crystal is big among sweats.

Crystal is the skin of choice for a number of Fortnite pros, and was the primary skin for World Cup Solo winner Bugha, so it’s not hard to see why it’s become one of the sweatiest skins for players looking to replicate – or appear as though they can replicate – the high skill level of the professionals. It’s cheap at 800 V-Bucks and regularly appears in the Item Shop, so it is slightly more accessible than the rest of this list.

Banner Brigade Skins

Fortnite Banner BrigadeEpic Games
Banner Brigade skins offer plenty of customization.

Despite their simplicity, you’ll often see the Banner Brigade skins being used by skilled players in Fortnite. This is likely due to their low entry cost (800 V-Bucks) and the fact that they’re highly customizable with various colors and logos, allowing sweats to keep that classic Fortnite style while also adding an element of individuality.

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Elite Agent

Elite AgentEpic Games
Elite Agent is a Season 3 throwback you’ll often see.

The Elite Agent was part of the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass, making it a pretty rare skin as three years have now passed since it could be unlocked. While that no doubt contributes to its status as a sweaty skin, what really makes this skin so popular is its black camouflage color scheme – you often won’t see an Elite Agent sneaking up on you in the dark until it’s too late.


Fortnite SparkplugEpic Games
Sparkplug is common but still sweaty.

Sparkplug has been seen in the Item Shop on quite a few occasions now, but that hasn’t reduced its status as a sweaty skin. With its cap-worn-backward and denim overalls, this skin has a ‘too cool for school’ vibe that sweats just love. It’s even been featured in Fortnite pro Pulga’s locker bundle.

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Mogul Master

Fortnite Mogul masterEpic Games
Mogul Master is a big hit with sweaty players.

Fortnite players campaigned for ages to get the Mogul Master skin back in the Item Shop, and that eventually happened at the beginning of 2021. Like the Soccer skins, the Mogul Master’s sheer amount of customization options, relation to a sport (skiing), and rarity are likely what contributes to its sweaty status.

That’s it for our sweatiest Fortnite skins list. There are plenty more out there, like Aura and Manic, but these are the ones that seem to pop up the most for us.

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