Fortnite Summer Smash interview goes hilariously wrong

. 3 years ago
Tennis Australia
YouTube: LazarBeam

Australian YouTuber LazarBeam may need some time to adjust to the family friendly atmosphere of a Fortnite LAN event.

Fortnite esports has crossed over to traditional sports by holding a tournament alongside the Australian Open tennis major.

With an audience filled with children, organizers of the Australian Open Fortnite event were hoping to keep things family-friendly.

Unfortunately for them, LazarBeam didn’t get the memo. But fortunately for us, it was hilarious.

While giving an interview with Dr Lupo discussing his performance at the event, LazarBeam accidentally let a few words slip. You can watch the clip below.

Dr Lupo did everything he could to hold in his laughter as LazarBeam let not one, but two, curses rip.

The interview started off well enough, with the Australian YouTuber giving a break down on why he failed to qualify for the next round, his snowman based strategy unsurprisingly failed. The producers may have wished the interview ended there but of course, the hilarity ensued.

To follow along with the rest of the Australian Open, which may not feature another Lazarbeam interview, you can check out Dexerto’s AO Summer Smash guide.

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