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Fortnite Streamer Mongraal Demonstrates how Playing Aggressively can Pay Off

Published: 22/Aug/2018 21:23 Updated: 22/Aug/2018 21:30

by Virginia Glaze


Team Secret’s Mongraal showed off his gaming prowess with some seriously intense Fortnite play.

Mongraal is a professional gamer for a reason. During one of his Twitch streams, he illustrated his strategy for success in the world’s most popular Battle Royale title.

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Unlike other strategies, which would have players play slowly and methodically, Mongraal suggested competitors use aggression to tip the scale of battle in their favor.

“How to play super aggressive? Just rush everyone.”

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Mongraal backed up his words with action, running right up to an opponent and trapping them inside their own fort with more walls. He dispatched the player with ease, then went on to find another enemy.


“Never be scared to engage. Just look at these guys in here. They think they’re safe? Boom, they’re trapped.”

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Mongraal’s skill spoke for itself. His aggressive building and entrapment of other players proved a monumental help to his chat, who were collectively asking for tips to help them improve.

This strategy contrasts with other methods that advise players to take things slow and steady. Waiting out the battle and hugging the circles’ edges won’t always assure players experience, nor impressive kill-death ratios: rather, going all-in and being hyper-aware of one’s surroundings appears to be a decent way to deal damage.

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Of course, not every Fortniter has Mongraal’s aiming prowess, nor building strategies. While players shouldn’t expect major success on the outset when using this method, practice makes perfect – as always.