Fortnite streamer becomes second ever to hit 100K eliminations, and it's not Ninja - Dexerto

Fortnite streamer becomes second ever to hit 100K eliminations, and it’s not Ninja

Published: 4/Feb/2019 19:41 Updated: 4/Feb/2019 19:46

by Albert Petrosyan


The 100,000 elimination mark in Fortnite Battle Royale has been surpassed for only the second time ever, and the first time by a console player so far. 

Fortnite streamer ‘Ship,’ whose official Epic Games account name is ‘Shipings,’ reached the mark on January 31 after months and months of hard work and dedication.


He currently sits at 101,003 eliminations, according to popular statistics database Fortnite Tracker, which is good enough for second behind Team SoloMid streamer ‘HighDistortion.’

While HD may be first overall, Ship is far and ahead the first when it comes to console players, as he’s accumulated all of his stats while primarily playing on the Xbox One.


He has considerably way more eliminations than the second console player on that list, ‘No llmlt soulja,’ who currently sits at sixth overall with nearly 88,500 kills on the Xbox One.


Ship’s lifetime stats are very impressive, as he has a 8.75 kill/death ratio and 6,193 Victory Royales, which is good enough for fourth on console.

It’s also worth noting that he has almost the same amount of eliminations as HD, despite having played nearly 800 matches less overall. 


His Season 7 accomplishments are even more remarkable, as he’s managed to reach a 10.26 K/D, a 38% win rate, and 1208 Victory Royales, all while getting 20,225 eliminations so far. 


Ship becoming the second player ever to hit 100K eliminations is a slightly surprising development since many were expecting superstar streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins to have been the next player to reach that mark.

Ninja was on top of the leaderboards for much the last few months until he ultimately gave up his mantle to HighDistortion, who became the first to eclipse the six-digit mark.

Still, many believed it would have been Ninja who would hit 100K right after him, but the celebrity gamer is currently third with 98,680 eliminations and has not been playing much lately to pad his stats.