Fortnite streamer banned on Twitch after forgetting to turn off hacks

A Twitch streamer was banned after it was apparent that he was playing Fortnite with a bit of help from an aimbot.

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The streamer who goes by ‘CrownWins’ on Twitch and YouTube encountered one too many people during a firefight in Fortnite to properly disguise his helpful aimbot assistant.

The clip shows the streamer in a rooftop battle with someone across the way when suddenly a second person crosses his vision. His shifting focus between the two players isn’t inhuman but what immediately followed turned more than a few heads.

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He shoots five perfectly placed shots onto the foe who suddenly appeared and expends one more bullet toward a building across the way, where his initial target seemed to be.

Internet detectives immediately jumped on it, saying his shots were too accurate to dismiss the notion of cheating, with his snapping motion from the first victim to what would have been the second being the main giveaway.

At the time of writing, the Twitch account has been banned. But a screenshot from his discord shows an optimistic Crown.

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/u/GoodJob4 RedditStreamer earns a 7-day ban for hacks.

“One week until my Twitch ban is lifted,” Crown said. “Will see ya’ll [sic] in seven days!”

Neither Twitch or Epic Games have taken cheating lightly in the past, but the matter seems to be closed for now.

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