Fortnite streamer who attacked pregnant partner during Twitch broadcast pleads guilty to assault


Fortnite streamer Luke ‘MrDeadMoth’ Munday has pleaded guilty to common assault after he attacked his pregnant partner in December 2018 during a livestream.

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The Australian was streaming on his Twitch channel in December 2018 when he broadcasted himself physically assaulting his pregnant partner just out of frame of his webcam during a heated row.

His partner, who was pregnant with their third child at that time, angered the streamer after trying to divert his attention away from the game, leading to Munday leaving his desk and apparently hitting her. Fortunately, she suffered no serious injuries, but was left shaken by the incident.

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Feature Image – The Daily Telegraph

The streamer was arrested shortly after the incident.

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In the immediate aftermath, Munday was banned on Twitch for 14 days and was subject of intense criticism online due to his inexcusable actions. Nevertheless, once his ban was over, he continued to stream, leading to even more scrutiny from the online community.

Munday’s partner – Claire Campbell – filed for an Apprehended Violence Order after the attack, which would have prevented the streamer from having contact with his partner or their children.

MrDeadMoth was eventually rebanned after returning to Twitch.
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The 26-year-old appeared at court in Sydney on Monday, July 8, according to ABC, and pleaded guilty to common assault stating to police: “I just held her down because I wanted her to stop.”

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Furthermore, the statement reveals the attack took place in direct view of Munday’s two young children, who witnessed the incident in full. Back in 2011, he was charged with malicious damage, but the offences were not domestic related.

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Munday is believed to had showed remorse for his actions and will be sentenced on August 26.

In New South Wales the maximum penalty for this offence is 24 months imprisonment and a fine of $5,500. However, if deemed suitable by the court, offenders could face even more time behind bars.