Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper Rifle officially coming soon

. 3 years ago

After a leak revealed the weapon’s upcoming arrival, the Fortnite in-game news feed has now confirmed the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is coming soon to the game.

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Fortnite is always looking for new ways to keep the game feeling fresh and the latest example of that is this new sniper rifle that could give players a serious competitive edge.

A variety of long-range weapons have already been available in Fortnite in one way or another, such as the bolt-action, semi-auto, suppressed, Hunting Rifle and now this Storm Scout, but this isn’t just an ordinary rifle.

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The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle, originally found in the v9.40 files, will give players the knowledge of where the storm is moving to next, allowing you to plan your next move well ahead of time.

This rifle’s in-game description reads “Knowledge is power. Stay ahead of the competition with this weather-tracking sniper rifle,” which seemingly backs up what has already been leaked about the gun.

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Having the knowledge of where the storm will be moving to will be a very important thing to know in late-game scenarios, where the storm is just as dangerous as other players.

According to Storm Shield One, this new sniper will come in both the Epic and Legendary rarities and won’t have the ability to one-shot players with no shields, as they do 81 and 85 damage to the body respectively.

Epic Games
The Fortnite World Cup Finals are nearly here.s
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Will it be in the World Cup?

We expect to see the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle enter the game in the coming days when Epic Games releases their weekly update, patch v9.50.

Depending on its strength, we might see Epic Games disable it for the World Cup since it has the potential to shift the meta in a way that doesn’t give everyone a chance to adjust.

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The Fortnite World Cup Finals will take place between July 26-28, where a winner in Creative, Solos, and Duos will be crowned.

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