Fortnite Star Wars day leaks lead to fervent speculation

Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration cosmeticsEpic Games

According to recent rumors, Fortnite will be releasing another line of Star Wars cosmetics next month in honor of Star Wars day. Fans, however, have already begun to anticipate which characters may be included in the collaboration when it finally makes it into the game. Check out the newest information on the leak and what can players expect.

Epic Games and Disney have worked together since the introduction of Marvel characters to Fortnite. Since then, Disney has been unrelenting in its efforts to incorporate its film and television brands into Fortnite’s huge metaverse.

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The Mandalorian with Grogu on a Fortnite Loading ScreenEpic Games
Previously The Mandalorian outfit was released in Fortnite which was highly liked by players

Players and franchise fans alike have relished playing in roles of their favourite fictional heroes and villains, from the Marvel universe to the Star Wars galaxy. With the release of Episode IX, however, Lightsabers were brought to Fortnite as a Mythic weapon for the first time, expanding the association between the two franchises.

Since then, Star Wars characters such as The Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, and many more have entered the Fortnite world and been donned by players in their pursuit of the fabled Victory Royale.

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The latest rumors indicate that another collaboration will add two more skins to the mix, and that it would likely arrive around Star Wars day, which is the Fourth of May each year.

Fortnite leak hints at two cosmetic skins releasing on Star Wars day, fans react

The next significant update to Fortnite might be released on May 4, 2023, when Star Wars day is celebrated by the pop culture fans, according to the most recent leak. The leak comes from ‘ShiinaBR,’ who is well recognized as a reliable source of leaks for the Fortnite community.

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After much speculation from fans before the current Chapter 4 Season 2 began, Shiina has confirmed in the leak that the update may include a new Star Wars collaboration. It’s reasonable to assume that characters from either The Mandalorian Season 3, which just wrapped up, or the upcoming Jedi: Survivor video game will soon be available as cosmetic items in the game.

The same individual, however, revealed in another tweet that two skins with the codenames “PlotTwist” and “CirrusVine” are indeed cosmetic sets that include a Back Bling, Emote, Glider Wrap, and Pickaxe, and will be released in time for the annual Star Wars event in the game.

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Although the codenames don’t reveal much, the player community has begun to speculate on Twitter. The most popular theory suggests that the “PlotTwist” skin is actually Emperor Palpatine. Others, however, would prefer Anakin Skywalker’s skin, as the game already features legendary Star Wars characters like Obi-Wan and Darth Vader.

It has also been speculated by users like ‘Alexmax_93’ that the next skins are based on characters like Bo-Katan from The Mandalorian and Cal Kestis from the Fallen Order video game series. Since Bo-Katan was the focus of the most recent season of the Disney+ Star Wars series, her popularity would appear to support this theory.

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If Epic follows the Gaming Legends model with these skins, users will be able to use Cal and BD-1 in conjunction with the release of the video game Jedi: Survivor. Despite the fact that these are only theories, the leaks appear to be pretty real, and at this point all that gamers can do is wait for Fourth of May to arrive.

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