Fortnite star Issa retires after battling wrist injuries

Issa in a Ghost Gaming hoodieGhost Gaming/Epic Games

Fortnite World Cup finalist and controller star Issa ‘Issa’ Rahim has officially retired from playing the battle royale professionally after two years.

With the rise of other games like Warzone and Valorant, a handful of Fortnite’s original stars have either jumped ship completely or will play Epic Games’ battle royale on an irregular basis. That includes the likes of Tfue, NickMercs, and Fortnite World Cup runner-up Psalm. 

However, in the case of Issa – who established himself as one of the game’s best controller players, especially in duos – he stopped playing due to an injury, and while he’s tried to get it sorted so he could come back on a regular basis, he’s not been able to do so at the same level as before. 

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So, the former duos powerhouse and Fortnite World Cup finalist has now decided to call time on his professional Fortnite career – retiring on November 30 with a short, and to the point statement.

Issa and Kamo in Ghost Gaming jerseysESL
Issa and Kamo were duo partners for a long, long time.

“I don’t know how to start this, but I’m quitting, the former Ghost Gaming star said in his TweetLonger. “As many of u know, I signed with an org and was gonna try content creation but it just doesn’t work with my hand…. I’ve been going back and forth for a while and realized I need to either do it or quit.”

Issa also thanked everyone who has supported him on his journey through professional Fortnite, including long-time teammate Liam ‘Kamo’ Fillery.

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As for what he’s got planned next, Issa added: “Still gonna stream every once in a while, but I’m mostly gonna focus on other stuff and do my thing. Maybe in the future, I can explain everything better, but for now, it’s just best for me to quit.”

Screenshot of issa's retirement TweetLongerTwitter: Issa
The Fortnite star thanked everyone from the fans to his long-time duo partner.

Support for his move poured in from the Fortnite community, with the overwhelming majority of his former fellow pros wishing Issa luck in what he’s got planned next. 

The Swiss star hasn’t dropped any hints about what he’ll be doing next, as of writing, so fans will just have to keep a close eye on his social media accounts for the foreseeable future.

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