Fortnite star Bugha drops insane snipe prediction in Champion Series

Isaac McIntyre
Fortnite, Twitter / Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale World Cup solos champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf has reminded fans of his deadly sniping accuracy in Week 5 of the Season X Champion Series.

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The young Fortnite star rose to fame earlier this year as the solos champion, and since then has taken every opportunity to show off his world-class skills in Epic’s battle royale.

The fifth week of the FNCS was no different, as Bugha teamed up with regular trio members clarityG and Stretch to run the Season X gauntlet. This time, the 16-year-old spiced things up with an early snipe prediction that came true moments later.

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The trio were landing in newly implemented Moisty Palms as they looked to collect kills and victories for the competitive series, when Bugha stumbled across a heavy sniper in the first chest he found. He fired a speculative shot off at a floating opponent, just missing.

“Imagine if you hit that,” teammate Stretch said, and Bugha seemed to take that as a challenge: “I’m going to hit it, ready?”

As luck would have it, the world-famous Sentinels player landed his second shot, sending his enemy tumbling to the ground below. “I knocked him!” he yelled in triumph.

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“No way, what the fuck?” Stretch replied, before revealing he had a “weird” feeling Bugha was about to land the snipe despite the 250-meter distance.

“I had a weird feeling too,” the young sniper admitted, before telling his trio the opponent he had knocked was still floating into the game.

Epic Games
Bugha has gone from height to height in Fortnite since winning the World Cup.
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“That was crazy man,” clarityG weighed in, and proudly declared that he couldn’t wait for his stream to see the long-range shot.

There were plenty of Bugha’s fans on-hand to enjoy the moment too, with some even revealing they would just want to be involved in the kill once it was posted to Reddit: “I would be proud to catch that bullet.”

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Bugha’s wild shot in the Champion Series comes less than a week after HippieHabitat hit an incredible trickshot in the battle royale while skating on a Driftboard, leaving us with the question – is Fortnite trickshotting back on the rise in Season X?