Fortnite Squads world record broken on mobile for the first time since June

by Ross Deason


The mobile Squads world record for eliminations in Fortnite Battle Royale has been broken for the first time since June 2017.


One thing that we have learnt since we started tracking Fortnite’s various world records is that none of them are truly safe, no matter how impressive they might appear.

This was proven once again with the world record performance of 46 kills from Omen Elite's Fortnite squad, beating the long-standing score of 41 set by DuckyTheGamer, Frisky, Reza Evo and Flashinq.


'WiFi' led the pack with 15 kills during the game in question. 'Not źues' picked up an impressive 11, while 'BonézYT' added in a solid 14 of his own. 'J x 7' rounded out the scoring with six kills.


It’s hard to imagine the dexterity required to take part in some of the build battles that the best mobile players get into, but it’s pretty impressive nonetheless!

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