Fortnite Spring Breakout Quests & how to get free rewards

Spring Breakout Rewards in Fortnite update 24.10Epic Games

Fortnite’s Spring Breakout Quests give players a chance to earn XP and unlock free rewards including a back bling and glider, so here’s everything you need to know about them.

This year’s Spring Breakout event has finally arrived in Fortnite, bringing loads of egg-themed festivities to the Island including Egg Launchers, Spring Chickens, and various Eggs that give you special effects.

There’s also a set of Spring Breakout Quests to complete with free rewards on offer. There will be a new quest every day until April 11, 2023, and most of them will revolve around Eggs, Chickens, or new NPCs.

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Below, you’ll find all of the Spring Breakout Quests released so far and the rewards you can unlock.

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All Spring Breakout Quests in Fortnite

Here are all of the Spring Breakout Quests that have been released so far:

  • Visit cherry blossom tree displays (3) – Bloomback Sack Back Bling reward
  • Collect a Golden Egg (1) – 20K XP
  • Hire a Specialist Character (1) – 20K XP
  • Collect an Egg within 5 seconds after being laid by a chicken (1) – 20K XP
  • Deal damage to players with a Specialist Character hired (50) – 20K XP
  • Swim in the hot springs at Steamy Springs (1) – 20K XP
  • Deal damage to players while under the effects of a Hop Egg (100) – Shell Smash Spray
  • Give a hired Specialist Character a command (1) – 10k XP
  • Place Chicken Crossing signs at Frenzy Fields or Kenjutsu Crossing (4) – The Works Loading Screen
  • Gather laid Eggs (10) – 20K XP
  • Spend Bars (400) – 20K XP
  • Survive Storm Phases (10) – 20K XP

You can also keep track of these by visiting the Quests tab in the game. This is accessible by scrolling across from the Fortnite Lobby.

A new Spring Breakout Quest will go live in Fortnite every day at 6AM PT / 9AM ET / 2PM BST so we’ll keep this page updated when they appear.

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How to unlock Spring Breakout rewards in Fortnite

Here are all of the Spring Breakout rewards and how to unlock them:

Free RewardHow to get it
Bloomback Sack Back BlingComplete the Day 1 Quest
Shell Smash SprayComplete the Day 7 Quest
The Works Loading ScreenComplete the Day 9 Quest
A Spring Breakout Banner IconComplete the Day 12 Quest
Nannerbloom Hammer PickaxeComplete a total of 12 Spring Breakout Quests
Fresh Flyer GliderComplete a total of 22 Spring Breakout Quests

You’ve only got until April 11, 2023, at 12AM ET to complete all of these quests and unlock the rewards you want to get, so don’t miss out.

That’s everything you need to know about the Spring Breakout Quests! Check out some more Fortnite guides below:

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