Fortnite Spray and Pray missions: Where to find chests inside containers with windows

by Eli Becht


Fortnite Season 10 brought a whole new set of challenges for players to tackle and this particular one requires players to find chests inside containers with windows. Here's how to do that.


This challenge is part of the new Spray and Pray objectives that went live in Week 2 of the new season, which requires players to accomplish a variety of different tasks.

However, this one might actually be harder to read than it is to accomplish - 'Search Chests inside containers with windows'. The challenge itself is a bit of a mouthful, but is very easy to complete if you know exactly where to go.

What the crate you're looking for looks like.


You'll need to find the five chests inside containers with windows to complete this one, which means you're looking for containers with windows that have spray paint on them.

There are a number of these scattered across the map but don't worry, we've tracked them down for you so you won't have to spend a ton of time looking around, which is definitely the hardest part of all this.

Take a peek at our map below.

Fortnite Spray and Pray missions: Where to find five chests inside containers with windows.


All of these containers are very clearly marked, so the only issue you'll really run into is getting to them before other players do. Be swift!

There is only one chest to be opened in each of these containers and it's not even guaranteed to spawn, so it'll likely take you multiple games to finish off the challenge unless you get pretty lucky.

Fortnite screengrab
Fortnite screengrab


This is where knowing all of the locations will come in handy so you can pick it as a landing spot in five different games if you have to. 

Judging by the map, you may be best served starting at either Pressure Plant or near Dusty Depot for this one - as they have more than one close together. 

All in all, it's a fairly easy challenge that shouldn't take too long for you to get this finished up before you move onto the next one.