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Spider-Man rumored to be next Marvel hero joining Fortnite crossover

Published: 28/Aug/2020 3:13 Updated: 28/Aug/2020 6:30

by Isaac McIntyre


Everyone’s favorite web-head Spider-Man could be the next Marvel superhero to swing into the Fortnite ‘Nexus War’ crossover, joining the huge cast of comic book characters that have debuted in the battle royale in Season 4.

The world of Fortnite enjoyed one of its biggest ever updates on August 27. Iron Man, Thor, Storm, Wolverine, and more joined the battle royale’s cast as part of the ‘Nexus War,’ a huge Marvel crossover throughout Season 4.

There were a few notable absences in the Marvel debutants, however. Captain America was a big one, though he had a good reason; the First Avenger had only just got a skin as part of the July 4th celebrations last month.


Where’s Spider-Man?

Another major omission was Stan Lee’s favorite comic book character, Spider-Man. Peter Parker is one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes, so it was odd he wasn’t part of the crossover. 

Worry not, fans of the web-head! It looks like Spider-Man will be joining Fortnite after all, after a number of data miners discovered new clues pointing to his anticipated arrival in the battle royale happening just a little later in Season 4.

Spider-Man may well be the next Marvel hero to join the Fortnite roster.
Spider-Man may well be the next Marvel hero to join the Fortnite roster.

According to top Fortnite dataminer HYPEX, and backed up by similar reports from ShiinaBR, new Season 4 achievements point to Spider-Man joining the Item Shop “later this season” as a latecomer to the ongoing ‘Nexus War.’


Shiina also suggested Spider-Man may be joined by the web-slinger’s regular comic book foe, Carnage. This would happen “at a later date,” the dataminer added.

There’s no specific date that Spider-Man ⁠— and potentially Carnage ⁠— could join the battle royale, but it does sound like it’s in the works. The question is, if the web-head is on his way to the fight, who else could also join?

Who else could join Fortnite x Marvel crossover?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of heroes and villains that may arrive in Fortnite as part of the Season 4 crossover. Phase 4 heavy-hitters like Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Bucky Barnes, and Ant-Man are obvious picks.


Black Panther is another choice Epic could go with. In fact, the Wakandan king seems the most likely; leaks have already revealed a “PantherMonument” POI is being added, and there are mysterious claw marks littered around the map too.

A host of new Marvel skins have been added to Fortnite in the
Epic Games
Which other Marvel heroes could join She-Hulk, Thor, Storm, and Iron Man in Fortnite’s fourth season?

Until Epic Games actually comes out and announces these heroes, however, it’s all just leaks and rumors. Keep your fingers crossed Spider-Man, and all his Avengers allies, do eventually arrive in Fortnite sometime in Season 4!

While we’re waiting for the web-head, there’s plenty that’s already happened as part of the huge August 27 update. Epic added a new “Doom’s Domain” point of interest to check out, and there’s the Marvel battle pass to grind.


The Fortnite devs even finally unvaulted the Pump Shotgun, among other guns, after fan backlash reached fever-pitch. Get caught up on all the massive Season 4 changes in the battle royale with our Fortnite v14.00 patch notes.