Fortnite fans spot unique Spider-Verse-inspired animation for Spider-Gwen

fortnite spider-gwen animationEpic Games

Eagle-eyed Fortnite players have spotted a unique animation for Spider-Gwen that demonstrates how deep the skin’s Spider-Verse origins run.

Spider-Gwen joined the Fortnite universe this past weekend, arriving as part of the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass.

Epic Games didn’t just bring the comic character to life based on her adventures on the page. The developer instead pulled from Spider-Gwen’s cinematic debut in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

As expected, her in-game art style matches that of the award-winning animated film. Upon closer inspection, players have found that Epic went the extra mile in capturing some of the movie’s intricacies.

Spider-Gwen’s unique animations in Fortnite are awe-inspiring

Danny4648 recently posted a comparison video on Reddit that highlights neat animation details for Gwen Stacy in Fortnite.

The brief clip specifically shows off Gwen’s acrobatic moves versus another character. Redditor ‘meeeeeeowth’ called attention to the “little smear frames” that accompany the animation, for instance.

And ‘heppuplays’ pointed out how the game drops to 24 frames per second for the Spider-Gwen skin, similar to the Miles’ Into the Spider-Verse skin in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The hope is that the same courtesy will be afforded to Miles if he ever makes the leap to Fortnite Island.

While fans are enjoying Fortnite’s impressive animation work with Spider-Gwen, Season 4 introduced a host of other noteworthy additions, as well.

Notably, those who purchase the Battle Pass gain instant access to Paradigm. Battle Pass progression unlocks the likes of Spider-Gwen, Meow Skulls, Grriz, and Lennox Rose.

Chapter 3 Season 5 should begin in December, though what its content will entail is anyone’s guess at this point.