Fortnite removes Siren skin from competitive after crazy chrome glitch

fortnite siren skin glitchEpic Games

Due to a bizarre glitch caused by the new Chrome effect, Epic Games has disabled the Siren skin in Fortnite Competitive mode.

The advent of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 introduced a new seasonal item that allows players to turn their characters and various objects into Chrome.

Of course, the Chrome Splash item is in line with the latest season’s overarching theme, but it’s causing quite the stir online.

Fan-favorite skin Siren turns all-black whenever Chrome is active, giving Siren users an advantage on the battlefield – particularly in darker environments.

Epic removes Siren skin from Competitive due to Chrome glitch

Fortnite-dedicated Twitter accounts iFireMonkey and Shiina report that Epic Games has temporarily disabled the Siren skin in Competitive playlists.

As expected, this is because of the Chrome item rendering the Siren skin “completely black,” which, thus, makes the character difficult to spot.

According to the post from Shiina, players can expect Epic to resolve the issue “in the near future.” A timeline for the skin’s return presently remains under lock and key, however.

In a subsequent tweet, iFireMonkey shared video footage of the Siren skin glitch in action, as captured by Fortnite streamer JoJoJosiah.

The primary concern with this type of error is that it turns Siren into a pay-to-win character of sorts, given that the skin is a rare outfit priced at 1,200 V-Bucks.

Worst still, Siren never holds a permanent place in Fortnite’s Item Shop, though the skin’s come and gone dozens of times.

Such a glitch isn’t exclusive to Fortnite, either. Call of Duty: Warzone’s Roze skin long caused issues wherein its design made the character appear nigh on invisible.

To the chagrin of many players, the problem reared its head multiple times. Hopefully, a similar pattern doesn’t keep Siren out of commission for too long.