How to find and use BRUTE Mech Suits in Fortnite Season X


Fortnite Season 10 has introduced brand new weaponized vehicles – B.R.U.T.E – here is where to find them and how to put them to use.

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The new vehicle can be manned by two players or alone, allowing one to control the weapons while the other controls the movement. If you’re playing solo, you can switch between the two to keep pressure on your enemy.

Materials can also be harvested while in the suit and can be spent to purchase ‘Overshield’ which creates a five second shield to protect you while sat in the cockpit.

The robot appeared in the Season X teaser.
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Where to find BRUTES in Fortnite Season X

It appears that the BRUTE spawns are completely random, meaning you’ll have to hope there is one in your vicinity when jumping from the Battle Bus.

However, BRUTE locations will be shown on your mini-map. Therefore, you can pick your landing spot to guarantee yourself the chance to test out the new item’s capabilities.

EPIC GAMESThe BRUTE vehicles are dotted around the Fortnite map.
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How to use the BRUTES in Fortnite Season X

While in the driver position of the BRUTE, you can charge your super jump by holding down your regular jump bind. Charging in the brute also allows you to harvest material and you can also self-destruct the vehicle if you don’t want your enemies to jump in after you leave.

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On the other hand, in the gunner position, you have a shotgun and a missile launcher which will shoot ten projectiles at your foes. There is also the ability to use the ‘Overshield’ mechanic if you have enough materials to activate it.

Popular streamer Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier demonstrates the ridiculous strength of the missiles in the clip below.

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Given how powerful the new vehicle seems to be, there has already been plenty of concern from the Fortnite competitive community who are eager to avoid another weapon dominating the battlefield like the Infinity Blade.

However, as the new item has only just been added to the game, expect it to stay in the game for the foreseeable future.

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