Fortnite Season 9, Week 6 challenges leaked

graphics: Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale‘s Season 9, Week 6 challenges have been leaked ahead of schedule and if you’re wanting to get ahead of the game, you have certainly came to the right place. 

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The leaked list, which is expected to go live on June 13, has been revealed dataminer by Lucas7Yoshi. As ever, there are three free tasks that all players will have access to, as well as a further four challenges for Season 9 Battle Pass owners to enjoy.

It’s worth noting that these challenges aren’t official and, of course, could be subject to change as the information of the leak is not confirmed just yet.

Epic GamesFortnite Battle Royale’s Hot Spot locations vary from game to game, but players will need to find them for the Week 6 challenges.[ad name=”article2″]

Nevertheless, these challenges will push fans to try out the new Storm Flip feature, which was added in the v9.20 update on June 6. The new item allows players to create sphere shaped domes that can create safe zones inside the storm, or a mini storm inside what would usually be a safe area.

Storm Flips are only one part of the leaked tasks. If the datamine is to be believed, those looking to complete all of the challenges are going to have to venture across the map to a number of different locations too, in order to find Hot Spots.

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Near Hot Spot locations, players will have to eliminate opponents, open chests, and search through ammo boxes in order to complete Week 6.

So, without further ado, let’s show you all of the different missions that you will possibly have the opportunity to undertake on June 13.

Fortnite Season 9, Week 6 leaked challenges

Free Challenges

  • Stage 1/5: Land at Lucky Landing – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 2/5: Land at Loot Lake – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 3/5: Land at Shifty Shafts – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 4/5: Land at Frosty Flights – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 5/5: Land at Haunted Hills – 1 Battle Star
  • Deal (500) damage with SMGs to opponents – 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1/3: Search (3) chests at a Hot Spot – 3 Battle Stars
    • Stage 2/3: Search (3) ammo boxes at a Hot Spot – 3 Battle Stars
    • Stage 3/3: (1) Elimination at a Hot Spot – 4 Battle Stars

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal (200) Damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent – 5 Battle Stars
  • Use a Storm Flip in (3) different matches – 5 Battle Stars
  • Use (2) different vehicles in a single match – 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate (3) opponents in The Block or Fatal Fields – 10 Battle Stars