How to get Fortnite Season 8’s umbrella

Nick Farrell
fortnite umbrella season 8 guide
Epic Games

Fortnite Season 8 is here, and there’s been some chaotic changes around the map for players to check out. But, if you’re looking to glide on into the map in style, then you’re going to want to obtain the new umbrella for Chapter 2 Season 8! 

Epic has released the new Fortnite season of the Fall months and Season 8 is gearing up to have some of the largest map changes we’ve seen in recent seasons. Mainly due to the chaos that could occur over the course of the season, and players are amped for this.

One aspect that’s hasn’t changed with the release of the new season is the addition of cosmetic items such as battle pass skins.

But, more importantly, a brand new Umbrella has been added to the game. and we’re going to run over how players will be able to unlock it!


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 patch notes
Epic Games
Kevin the Cube is going to play a massive role this season!

What does the Fortnite Season 8 umbrella look like?

Every season since Fortnite has been released, Epic has added a new umbrella that players will look to unlock over the course of the season. Players often prefer these umbrellas as opposed to standard gliders, simply due to their style and how your character glides into the map.

This season is the same, as the new glider has been uncovered by players, and if you’re wondering what this looks like, it can be viewed down below.

Vic umbrella
Epic Games
The new umbrella takes inspiration from Kevin the Cube.

How to unlock Fortnite Season 8’s umbrella

If you’re eager to obtain this glider within Fortnite Season 8, there’s only one pre-requisite that you’ll need to complete in order to snag one. Like any other season, this comes in the form of grabbing a victory royale within one of the main modes in Fortnite.

While this may seem tricky for some of you, keep in mind, there’s skill-based matchmaking within the game. Meaning, if you’re struggling to outlast other players, you’ll be placed in lobbies with players who are around the same skill level as you.

Another word of advice is that you have the entire season to complete this task. So, don’t stress too much if you don’t complete this on day one, as there’s going to be an ample amount of players gunning for this elusive glider!

While you’re getting up to speed with Fortnite Season 8, you can also head over to our dedicated Fortnite page here, along with some links to guides for the new season listed down below.

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