Fortnite Season 8: All Pirate Camp locations for Week 1 challenge

by Calum Patterson


The new pirate theme in Fortnite has brought a number of map changes, including pirate camps dotted around the map, and you will need to visit them all for the Season 8, Week 1 challenges.


There are seven pirate camps in total, and the week 1 challenge wants you to see every single one, so we've put together a guide of all their locations.

All Pirate Camp locations in Fortnite

To complete the challenge, you simply need to visit each one, and once you are in the vicinity, you should see the progress bar fill.

Make sure that you don't leave a game early before either being eliminated or winning the match - if you do, you run the risk of the challenge progress not being saved.

You can see all the pirate camp locations in-game in the video below, via HarryNinetyFour.


This is of course only one of the weekly challenges, with six others you will also need to complete - see the full week 1 challenges here.

Once you have completed the weekly challenges, there is also the hidden battle pass star to be found, which is located on top of the tower at Lazy Lagoon.