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Fortnite Season 7 major changes to Loot Llamas leaked

Published: 7/Jun/2021 18:27

by Nick Farrell


Llamas have been an aspect of Fortnite that have remained relatively unchanged since they were first introduced. Now, leaks are noting that they could finally be getting tweaked in Season 7. 

Fortnite Season 7 is set to release tomorrow, June 8, and players worldwide could not be more excited for the Summer season of Fortnite. Every time Epic Games roll out a new season, there is always excitement in the air, as we never know what they are planning.

Another component of a new Fortnite season releasing is the ample amount of leaks we receive from data miners in the days leading up to the season. This time is no different, as one notable leaker has noted that Loot Llamas are getting significant changes in Season 7.


Epic Games
Loot Llamas drop 350 of each material when you open one

Season 7 Loot Llama changes

It is rare to encounter a Llama during a Fortnite match, as they spawn in random locations all over the map and they also have some unique spawn points. We have encountered some within lakes, the side of mountains, or even hidden on the roof of buildings.

They are a joy to find as they drop the following materials each time you open one of them.

  • 350 Wood
  • 350 Brick
  • 350 Steel
  • 3 traps
  • 10 Stacks of Ammo
    • Shotgun
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy
  • 3 types of consumable items
    • Shields or Med Kits

Llamas are a fantastic way to improve the outcome of your game, as you will be set in regards to materials, heals, and ammo, which are all vital components of any Fortnite match. But, we could be seeing some changes to how Llamas work in Season 7, as HYPEX has tweeted they will be getting notable changes.


The contents of the update are unknown as of now, but if we were to guess we can speculate they may be reducing the number of materials and ammo you receive from each Llama. Another note that we think Epic could change is the amount that spawn in each match, as right now there are five Loot Llamas around the Fortnite map during a game.

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If the Fortnite map increases in size due to the alien takeover, we could see Epic increase the amount of Llamas by one or two. On the flip side, if the map does not feature as many POIs as previous seasons, we could see this number drop all the way down to three.


We will have to wait and see what Epic have up their sleeves for how Llamas are going to work in Season 7!