Fortnite Season 2 leak reveals details about 'Infected' LTM - Dexerto

Fortnite Season 2 leak reveals details about ‘Infected’ LTM

Published: 27/Feb/2020 6:47

by Brad Norton


Epic Games could be gearing up for the introduction of a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) in Fortnite as Season 2 leaks appear to hint at a new ‘Infected’ game type.

While the dedicated Fortnite community still has plenty left to uncover in the major Season 2 update, recent leaks appear to hint at the potential addition of a brand new game type in the popular battle royale title.

The new LTM could give players all-new abilities and functions that have never been seen in Fortnite before.

343 Industries
Halo’s Infected mode has been a staple throughout many iterations.

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In the iconic Infected mode that has made an appearance in all manner of competitive titles over the years from Halo to Call of Duty, survivors look to avoid infected players at all costs.


Once an Infected player guns down or melees a survivor, their target will respawn as a fellow infected until the lobby is completely wiped out or the time limit ends.

Prominent Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey has revealed that various lines of code in the new Season 2 update indicate such a game type making its way to Fortnite in the near future.

“A new LTM is in the works,” they teased. “While it hasn’t been fully completed there are files that talk about an ‘Infected’ and ‘Survivor’ team.”

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The images provided shed light on certain abilities from ‘growling’ and ‘screaming’ to an intriguing double jump function.


Additionally, players appear to be split among two teams aptly labeled the ‘Survivors’ and the ‘Infected.’

There’s no indicating how many players will be dropped into a lobby with the new mode, but it’s likely the total count will be fewer than 100 players at a time given just how long rounds would last.

Epic Games
With infected characters already in Save The World mode, it seems like a no brainer to bring the LTM into competitive.

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No further information has been made available about the potential LTM just yet, but if teases are slipping through the cracks in Season 2 updates, Infected could be right around the corner.

Also leaked ahead of an official update, new items are coming to Fortnite soon in the form of a Proximity Mine, Disguise Kit, and more.